Disruptive. Instant. Creative. Engaging.


We are a disruptive and innovative start-up.

Vidr. is really gaining momentum, and we’re shooting Video Content for amazing brands from around the world 

Vidr. shoots, cuts and uploads creative, rich and engaging Video within minutes! Shot using our chosen gear of iPhones and iPads, Apps etc.

 We are creating a worldwide team of content creators and training them to use our chosen gear to begin creating ongoing retainer Video Content for brands we source and partner with. We are also opening up the doors to Investors to “purchase” our Vidr. Bag (T&C’s apply) with all the gear needed for any content creator to begin working and creating.

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Who are we? We are Vidr.



Sean Wilson-Smith

Sean is a seasoned agency Designer and Art Director who moved behind the camera in 2006 to follow his dream of creating Video Content. He always had an idea it could be easier, cheaper and faster to create engaging Web Video and Vidr. was born. Now Sean is heading up Vidr. as it’s Founder building a worldwide network of Content Producers trained the Vidr. way. 



Sinead Ashlin Fouche


For more info / quotes please contact us on info@vidr.net