BECOME A content Producer WITH VIDR.


Filmmakers are out and our Content Producers are in.

Vidr. is on the hunt for Hyperspecialised Video Content Producers who understand Web Video (from idea to upload) and the flux it’s in.

Instagram Video, stories and portrait content are booming and we want to build our team and get them out there. At scale locally and internationally, Vidr. wants to train, mentor and release our innovative Content Producers into the field to shoot, cut and upload as it happens... the Vidr. way, using our selected gear, Apps and IP combined over two years of testing.

We find the clients, the Content Producers create the work. Our “Vidr. Bag” contains all the nimble camera gear needed to create quality, cinematic, fast video... but in order to do this... we’re looking for Angel Investors to fund this bag with all it’s chosen items and “loan” it to a verified Vidr. Content Producer.

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